Thursday, June 04, 2015

Different activities organized by Iraqi Armenian Diocese concerning the Armenian Genocide

Different activities organized by our Diocese concerning the Armenian Genocide:-
1- A visit to the " the Shia Marjaiyya" in the city of Najaf with whom we discussed
a) The recognition of the Iraqi Government regarding the Armenian genocide.
b) To have an Armenian representative in the Iraqi Parliament on quota basis.
2- A visit to Kuffa University which was a pleasant surprise.
3- My lecture at Kuffa University about Armenian Genocide.
4- a)On April 23rd, at 10:00 Am a silent demonstration to and then in front of the Turkish Embassy in Baghdad.
(It is interesting to note that the Turks did not receive our message of protest, which was read in Arabic by Mr. Melkon Melkonian, and instead lowered their flag. If any thing this act of theirs indicted their acquiescence to the Armenian cause ).
b) The showing of live transmissions on a big TV screen in our Cathedral in Baghdad on the occasion of the beautification ceremony for the Armenian Martyrs of the Genocide in the open Church in the complex of Holy Echmiadzin in Armenia.
c) tolling the bell in our Cathedral in Baghdad 100 times with the participation of high ranking clergymen,none-Armenian friends of us and our Armenian faithful. .
d) the participation of Mrs. Araxi Papazian (born in Adabazar) who is 106 years old, both in the Church and then in the tolling of bells
5- On April 24 after the Liturgy and the program which followed in the Cathedral, the opening of the monument dedicated to the Armenian Martyrs-saints of the Genocide.
Information office
of the Armenian Diocese of Iraq. Baghdad
June 4, 2015


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