Friday, April 24, 2015

Obama again uses Meds Yeghern term (Armenian Genocide)

Obama again uses Meds Yeghern term | ARMENPRESS Armenian News Agency

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  1. ‘‘Medz Yeghern’’*
    Shan’’t Be Uttered by Others
    Hence ‘‘Genocide’’ and Further Forth

    ““Every Language has a soul
    Every language has its own roar
    Exhales inside its cavernous’’ core
    Can you learn languages all!
    Each language vibrates a soul.””**

    President O.B, should not use a phrase he can’’t understand,
    He is a poet, judge, lawyer, he must be criticized.

    Medz Yeghern for us are two horrible words
    Not everyone can realize
    Something more than calamity . . .
    Massacres . . . Tragedy . . . Disaster . . .
    or even Genocide
    Which sounds still little! best to say...
    ‘‘A Killing Plague’’

    Deep painfulness can create
    Endless anguish phrases lexicons
    Not felt with everyone yet to be invented . . .
    Affected and still affecting Lives of our cohorts
    Like the end of the world

    Hence . . . Translation has no meaning at all
    Maybe for others,
    Thus never for us.
    The word ‘‘calamity’’ seems an ant
    Facing a starving tiger . . . lion
    A phrase can’’t heed torments.

    Can any human being translate
    What’’s in their deep, scorned-mind
    How much they love their mothers . . . yv
    Their lost motherland!

    So please Dr. President
    Calm your bemused sense
    Don’’t behave tenaciously
    Don’’t sell your philosophy
    On the graves of seared lives
    Don’’t please your and our enemies
    Don’’t pretend to be deaf to what’’ is really bleeding
    Under the rain . . . on the streets sunken in mud.
    To run your shiny-wheeled political cart . . . !
    Don’’t enunciate a phrase.

    You did with your tongue
    So . . . can never pronounce through your chest
    As you never walked with hungry bare injured soles,
    Did the criminal gendarmes’’ assaults,
    They enjoyed smashing humans’’ vital organs,
    Drive you to an unknown destiny
    Near red-rivers filled with bones,
    To see smashed innocent faces from your blood with
    Crushed lacrimating eyes outside prayers’’ skulls.

    Tell me, ““How can you feel the pain
    Of something you never have faced or felt!””
    How can you utter That horrible phrase!
    Please O.B. understand that,
    ‘‘We Love You’’——
    ‘‘Ge sirenk kez’’——©——‘‘Kez ge sirenk’’
    We are not here to insult someone
    Who made us promises and said that was
    ‘‘A Real Genocide’’;
    Don’’t act like a lover who changed his promise
    Because of another who betrays and fires fears.

    Your promise stagnated in our hearts.
    We heartlessly weep . . .
    We can only say,
    ““Also You . . .
    The Son of Darling . . . Sweet . . . Senseful Stanley-Ann,
    Betrayed Us . . . Why!””
    Each time we hear Medz Yeghern
    We can witness a pointed, poisoned Turkish scimitars
    Entering our already injured heart-valves.
    Tearing our creed.

    Regretful that we possess
    So naïve a soulful-faith!
    Not every race could sincerely grace . . . !


    From My Book "MY SON-MYSUN..." 2011
    I forwarded to him and his wife I never hear even a thanks letter.
    * Medz Yeghern: Armenian phrase used by President Barrak Obama on the Armenian Genocide Remembrance Day once again April 24, 2015 instead of using the word Genocide; But he had clearly said the word Genocide before inauguration!
    Obama meant to please the second generation of the new-Ottomans in spite of 44 out of 50 American States recognizing the Armenian genocide.


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