Thursday, May 26, 2011

Discussion about (Israel and the Armenian Genocide)

Dear Readers,
Recently, I had a discussion on Facebook with a young Armenian lady who is on my Friends List about (Israel and the Armenian Genocide) subject. The discussion began when I republished a news story in my blog titled (90% of Israeli citizens stand for Armenian Genocide recognition). The discussion went as follows:

F.N  hahahah.. most Israelis did not care about the word Armenian Genocide until one year ago.. many still do not care..some do not even know what it is.
F.N  This same Israelis who spit on Armenians when they walk through 7aret l arman.
Ara Sarkis Ashjian Dear F.N, It is already mentioned in the news story I republished that Israel's DPM says there is no chance that Israel will recognize the Armenian Genocide, and the same thing is mentioned in your link. Armenians do not need that any country uses the "card" of the Armenian Genocide to press Turkey. They simply should accept the historical fact or not. This survey was conducted by a Jewish web site and I think it, and similar surveys, will press Israeli politicians who reject the recognition of the Armenian Genocide that they are acting against their public opinion. Anyway, we will lose nothing and will wait to see how things will turn out. We also should not forget the efforts of the Armenian Community in Israel and Armenians worldwide in this result, beside the impact of deterioration of Turkey-Israel relations. The most ironic thing is that Israel's DPM rejects the recognition of the Armenian Genocide because Israel ".. can not afford damaging relations with .. main strategic partner Azerbaijan.." and not relations with the main strategic partner Turkey mostly related to this issue!!
F.N  Well, I know for fact that most Israeli citizens do not care about the Armenian Genocide, any Armenian you ask from Jerusalem will tell you that, I have many friends there. Plus there is no source on this "survey", there is no link to Israeli news site and there is no information about this on any of the Israeli papers.. So if there is no source there is no evidence to suggest such a thing... Also, as relation with Turkey deteriorates, relation with Azerbaijan gets better.
F.N  I mean the survey that the article is claiming. There is no site, and there is no link to any survey..
 F.N  I have read that, there is no survey...
Ara Sarkis Ashjian I am not talking about the survey. I concentrate on the efforts of the Armenian Community there and Giro Manoyan's (one of the leaders of ARF Dashnaktsutiun and the head of Armenian Cause Office) opinion.
F.N  Read the comments on Asbarez lol
F.N  The title of that article is quite funny. Imagine "Iran Parliament to debate the Holocaust" If any one every debated the Holocaust they would be called Nazis. But they take sacred Armenian Genocide up for "debate"! They are the Nazis themselves!
Ara Sarkis Ashjian It means debate which will lead or not to the recognition. You are right; nobody will dare to debate the Holocaust. The problem is that they all in the US congress and Israeli Parliament accept the truth, but do not recognize it for political reasons and interests.
Ara Sarkis Ashjian Read about another Armenian effort:
Ara Sarkis Ashjian Instead of debate this is a good title of the Israeli newspaper:
Ara Sarkis Ashjian The last thing I should close this useful discussion with is that the link of the web site which made the survey was wrongly given by the web site. It should be “” (in Russian):

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