Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Israeli and the Armenian Genocide

90% of Israeli citizens stand for Armenian Genocide recognition | Armenia News -

Knesset will never recognize Armenian Genocide – Israeli official:

My Comment:
Armenians do not need that any country uses the "Card" of the Armenian Genocide to press Turkey. They simply should accept the historical fact or not. This survey was conducted by a Jewish web site and I think it, and similar surveys, will press Israeli politicians who reject to recognize the Armenian Genocide that they are acting against their public opinion. Anyway, we will lose nothing and will wait to see how things will turn out. We also should not forget the efforts of the Armenian Community in Israel and worldwide in this result, beside the deterioration of Turkey-Israel relations. The most ironic thing is that Israel's DPM rejects to recognize the Armenian Genocide because Israel ".. can not afford damaging relations with .. main strategic partner Azerbaijan.." and not the main strategic partner Turkey mostly related to this issue!!


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