Sunday, December 16, 2018

The U.S. and the Armenian Genocide Recognition

There was a discussion in one of the Facebook groups about why the U.S. President Donald Trump does not recognize the Armenian Genocide.

The response is that if the U.S. President Donald Trump recognizes the Armenian Genocide, it will mean recognition of the Armenian Genocide by another U.S. President.

The U.S. government has recognized the Armenian Genocide on several occasions, starting in 1951 by the submission of an official document to the International Court of Justice (World Court), followed by Pres. Ronald Reagan’s Presidential Proclamation of April 22, 1981, and through two House resolutions in 1975 and 1984.

In addition, 29 countries in the world, including 15 EU countries, beside international bodies, political figures and 48 out of 50 U.S. states have recognized the Armenian Genocide so far. It is to be noted that the verdict of the Turkish courts-martial of 1919–20 acknowledged the massacre of Armenians as "war crimes", and sentenced the perpetrators to death. Every other Turkish government has continued to deny the genocide.

However, the historical fact of the Armenian Genocide does not need such confirmation, which will not bind Turkey to recognize it.

More recognition is not Armenians’ final target anymore, which is also Turkey’s “trap” for Armenians not to pass to the following steps as far as far as it does not recognize the Armenian Genocide. After recognition of the Armenian Genocide, Armenians seek reparations for losses and return of their territories.


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