Wednesday, October 10, 2012

The Armenian Cultural and Social Association in Ankawa Ends the Armenian Language Summer Program Ankawa

On the graduation of the students of the fourth Armenian language teaching summer program, the Armenian Cultural and Social Association in Ankawa organized a ceremony.

The ceremony, which was held in the Ur hall of the Chaldean Culture Association in Ankawa, began with a minute of silence in respect for the souls of the Iraqi martyrs.  
Razmik Muradian, the president of the Armenian Cultural and Social Association in Ankawa, officials from the education sector in the Kurdistan Region of northern Iraq and umpteen people from the Armenian community in Ankawa attended the ceremony.
In her speech during the ceremony, Anna Sarkisian, the head of the program, welcomed the attendees and said that despite its limited abilities the Armenian Association was capable to present the Armenian culture through various activities it organized.
During the ceremony activities were presented by the students of the program. Hagop Simonian, a member of the Armenian Association, delivered a speech during which he referred to the fact the Armenians lived in the Iraqi cities of Basra, Baghdad, Kirkuk and Mosul since old times. Because of the conditions that affected the Christians after 2003, many Armenians moved from Baghdad and Iraq's southern provinces to the Kurdistan Region of northern Iraq and lived in Ankawa, Dohuk and Sulaymaniyah.
At the end of the ceremony gifts and awards were divided among the teachers and the participants of the program.
It is noteworthy that Ankawa, a suburb of Arbil, Erbil Governorate in the Kurdistan Region of northern Iraq, has about 40,000 inhabitants, who are mostly members of the Chaldean Catholic Church. The current security situation in Ankawa is stable, which has led to an influx of internally displaced people from other parts of Iraq, where security conditions were worsening after the US-UK occupation of Iraq in 2003 . 162 Armenian families (800-900 people) resorted to Ankawa from Baghdad, Mosul and other Iraqi cities. In 2011, an Armenian language division was opened in the Shlama school in Ankawa.

Translation and extra information from
Ara S. Ashjian
Yerevan, Armenia

See the pictures of the ceremony:


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